Elizabeth Cocoann.  

Dancer, healer, singer, leader, sister, artist, friend, guitar player, shaman, yogi, nomad, entrepreneur, daughter, lover, writer, fashionista, photographer, consultant, alchemist.

I am a deep believer of playfulness, art and beauty as a means of liberation, my body as an instrument to turn darkness into light. 

In my world, the connection between the spiritual and the material world is direct. When you know where to tap in, changes on the outside happen fast. I am equally comfortable working with the reality of a bank account as the reality of a story of suffering that is ripe for transformation. 

I love claiming easeful change. It makes me happy when everything is current, has a purpose and place and brings joy, when the guidelines we follow are congruent with what we desire as individuals and as a collective. I adore living in sustainable, world honoring ways. I do it all for the love. 

My point of entry? When esoteric practices become really practical and when I can answer rational questions through a sense-based multifaceted experience.

I cultivate a serious kind of playfulness. If you dare to invite me into the boardroom, I will help you identify when you are in a field of solution rather than stuckness. If you are ready, we can shift the energetic infrastructure of the entire company, the land, all beings. 

I’m invested in deep individual healing, leadership development, and organizational energy work. 

I have been a teacher and student for a long time and am a combiner of disciplines.  Everything I teach is rooted in a path I have walked. I present positively and playfully on purpose and most people do not immediately know the pain I have experienced. I came to the world sick, hypersensitive, with deep existential grief and have experienced a lot of trauma and chronic acute pain. This required me to cultivate my freedom, acceptance and forgiveness in order to re-establish my relation to suffering. 

I am deep into my healing journey and anything I offer is something I have done. Not kind of done. Really done. 

My experience of pain and loss has softened me, carving me into a wiser, more receptive and loving being. I offer thanks for everything on my journey, whether it be of joy or pain.

I am here to serve the world in big ways and believe that so are you. Everyone is so loved and so needed.


The official bio (3rd person)

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis has been studying and practicing shamanism, energy work, healing arts, business and education for 20 years. She is the creator of the Yarrow Yoga studio and teacher training, holds a Master in Traditional Shamanic Energy Medicine and travels the world to speak at conferences, lead transformational sense-based retreats and work with high-profile individuals and visionary organizations alike. 

Coco’s cross-disciplinary approach rests on more than 5000 hours of international studies including undergraduate studies in pedagogy and dance as healing arts, massage anatomy, physiology, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, yoga, Reiki, Thai massage, Traditional Shamanic Energy Medicine, ecstatic dance, transformation through voice, Mastering Alchemy, Qi Gung and meditation. These disciplines form the basis of her very contemporary approach to shamanic healing and organizational energy work.

Coco is a healer, leader and entrepreneur and she is a magnet to those committed to transformation. 

She works with individuals and organizations, including a number of holistic luxury hotels and retreat centers, She is co-creating several short films, developing curricula for the application of esoteric wisdom, leads international retreats and enjoys her global nomadic lifestyle, preferably with a pet in every home-base.