Transform the ickiness you perceive in your environment

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a combo of 2 questions, both from friends in the US::::::
What are some techniques to deal with the overwhelming emotional burden often felt? Because of all of the emotions I feel and typically do not know where they come from, it becomes very draining. My current coping mechanism is to shutdown and isolate myself. I would really like to know how to better control it to prevent the mental and physical toll it takes.


What is our 'shadow'?  How doe we romance our shadow?

Prep a 2 1/2 year old for their future mermaid tail

I can't help myself.  Her questions were too cute.  

And as Einstien says 'Imagination is far more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.'

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my 2 and a half year old niece asks:::::::what about my mermaid butt?  my mermaid tail?  my mermaid leg?  

Great core training for a mermaid out of water


mom asks what i want this year. i of course reply 'a mermaid tail'  

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from me and mom::::::::::i just got my mermaid tail but don't have a big body of water 'til later today. are there some core strengthening exercises i can do from my backyard?

A place of power within current politics

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from a friend in the US::::::::Ever since our electoral system decided that a crude reality television personality should act as the head of our nation for the next several years, I, as well as many people I know, am having a difficult time spiritually and psychologically. Personally, I'm having issues with anger and deep sadness - that people I've known for the extent of my life (parents, etc.) opted and are still opting to support indecent ineptitude. I don't want this anger and sadness to continue overwhelming me, either in my relationships with others or on a daily basis as I read the continually darkening news. Any advice?


3 tools for those of us who get easily distracted

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two questions came in that fit together here:)

from my mom::::::::any tips for people who are ADD?

from a client in Spain::::::::::I sometimes get distracted. Like Alice going down the rabbit hole kind of distracted. I know when I am going down there and sometimes I can unpack my inner grown-up and go like “no, not now!”. Most of the time I just see it happening as I float down like I am on drugs. I go on a spaced out daydream trip and just stare into thin air. Sometimes I “wake up” 2 hours later. A part of me needs this time but it feels weird to not be able to control it or give it the appropriate time and place. Does it need a time and place? A name maybe?

Be nourished by self love

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From a client in Berlin ::::::
I am a big believer of authenticity. Everything I do in my business is about showing your true face, screwing the professional mask and inspiring others by being an example of strong vulnerability. At the same time, I notice a slight addiction to people’s opinion of me. I love the dopamine rush of comments on my new instagram post, I love feeling desired.  I am aware of these things and sometimes I stop myself on my way to tinder for a dose of recognition but I wonder - is it wrong? Is there a practice to replace my need for external recognition with self love? Or is it about learning to embrace both?

How to shift out of self doubt through presence

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A client from Spain asks:::::: Some days I am totally overwhelmed by self doubt. Sometimes it is logical, other times it isn't. I don't know when it will come on, but when it does it is pretty painful. What can I do about this?

My answer to this comes in the form of a simple ongoing self awareness exercise.  Enjoy:)  Because you exist, you are a freaking miracle.  Trust in this.