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The same business. A new lens. Different results.


What is it? 

A comprehensive business assessment.

Our pioneering approach distills the themes of imbalance within your organization that affect every system within it. Usually all problems have only one or two thematic root causes.  

We consider the subtle and powerful dimensions of subconscious programming, energy balance and psychological health through a collection of holistic key performance indicators. We observe organizational culture, communication infrastructures, branding, training procedures and your organization's day-to-day operation. 

Our test allows challenges to be seen and described in entirely new ways, leaving you with a clear vantage point and practical plan for change.

How does it work?

We visit your property for 1-2 weeks during which time we gather data through observation, interviews and energetic scanning. Our findings allow us to assess where you are in respect to our key performance indicators which, in effect, paint a complete picture of what is going on within you, your leaders interpersonal dynamics and your business at large.

Our skill set and assessment tool identifies the previously hidden causes of imbalance within all aspects of your business. We turn the holistic perspective into results-driven suggestions. 

For instance, we might discover that a key leader's subtle but prevalent mistrust and feeling of general ungroundedness is due to instability stemming from an international upbringing. This creates a general inability to root his career goals into collaboration and sustained results. When addressed, this affects his ability to follow through on agreements, create more efficient delegation systems and motivate employees.

An individual's reflection and inner work leads to tangible business results.

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The scientific facts are explained in easy ways, making energy work incredibly enriching and fun. I learned tools to consciously create an atmosphere of joy, for myself and my surroundings, and to switch vibes within seconds. The results, both the measurable scientific and experience-based, are immediately perceived.
— Georg Aurbacher, Sales Manager Posthotel, Healing Hotel of the World

What are the results?

The Deep Hospitality Test provides you with the ability to address subtle and not so subtle challenges that usually fall short of your organization's mission and goals when approached through classical business theory and practice, which tends to be based on research from the middle of the 20th century.

Our approach helps you gain a holistic picture and understand the connections between seemingly disconnected symptoms.

Our actionable advice will point out a simple way for you as a hospitality leader, to clearly see the foundation on which to build your training systems and authentically support your business and its employees, facilitating lasting change. 

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The co-creative partner in this project is the one and only Anaïs Bock. Please click here to dive into her amazing world. Anaïs is absolutely incredible at all she does!!

Thank you Coco! After your workshops I felt relieved, courageous, open for new things and filled with JOY. This has shifted so much, so easily.
— Julie, Bistro Manager Posthotel, Healing Hotel of the World

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Note: We are currently building a research foundation to improve the transferability of our findings to other industries.
We therefore offer highly reduced rates to our early research partners.

Coco is hands-down one of the most brilliant and gifted people I have ever worked with.

In a flash, she sees the possibility inherent in each person and in each moment. Then she co-creates the new pathway to an inner and outer world that is whole and new and right.
— Mark Nicolson CEO Coach and Founder of Nicolson Group