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The Art of Manifestation:::::Part 1

This is a full-on manifesting workshop, which - if you ask me - is pretty amazing because it is both fun and yields results. Since we like results this is a 2-part workshop. The first is on August 10 from 5pm-9pm, the second is on August 24 from 5pm-9pm, with 2 weeks for evidence to show up.

How it works?

I find great power in manifesting through acceptance, forgiveness, dreaming and receiving. 

Phase 1: Re-education of our perception and where our power is.

We have incredible potential energy for manifestation stored in our grudges and wounded places. We will gently look at which are the areas of our life where we have most energy stored in.

Phase 2: Dreaming & Receiving

Many of us have unlearned how to dream. This is not about dreaming in a place of "soooomeee daaay my prince will come" but it is about identifying the attributes of our dreams. How does the thing feel that you want? There is a delicious practice of big and detailed dreaming and trusting in the rightness of this moment in creating a template for more good stuff to show up. 

Phase 3: Learn to see

In order for the good stuff to show up we look at our actual life right now. We celebrate the essence of dreams already present in order to attract even more. (If this does not make any sense to you you should really come). And then you'll receive instructions for witnessing change in the 2 weeks between our sessions....


At the pool by the river.

How much?


For whom is it? Do I need to know all about the Law of Attraction to come?

Nope. Absolutely anybody is welcome. Whether you want to amp your mojo or speed of delivery on manifestation or whether you have never consciously done it before.

Pack List.

a journal, a bathing suit, a towel, comfy clothes


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