Who is it for? Do I need to know about energy and actively believe and practice for it to work? 

You do not need to be practiced in the esoteric realms or know the lingo in order to work with me or for the work to work. I play in both worlds and am equally comfortable in the brainy corporate context and around an intimate Skype fireplace. You are welcome and invited to show up in your present entirety and truth.

Why can I trust you? 

My entire life has been saturated with my practices. I am drawn to efficient, fun ways of healing and being and will not offer anything to a client unless I have deeply experienced it myself. I have also amassed more than 5,000 hours of training and healing... Read more about my path here.

What can I come to you with?

I am basically a one stop shamanista shop assisting my clients in every area of suffering. You can come to me for problems like this:

  • Something feels funky, disconnected and off in your life

  • You want to heal your relationship to money, people, friends, your body

  • You feel depressed or confused about your life path

  • You have a grieving heart

  • You have a desire to live lightly and take things less seriously

  • You are ready to experience power, clarity and purpose

  • You are ready for your deepest needs and desires to match your reality

How do sessions work and are there any expectations of me? 

The work I do is about reworking deep chronic patterns through tapping into your energetic makeup and transforming old programs of suffering that are ripe for transformation. During the session you have to do nothing but be present and listen with all of your being. Our session will typically take 75 minutes although I do recommend you make room for some more simply to allow for tenderness. 

My work is both energetically deep and very current. At the conclusion of every session I will offer you little hand-tailored practices of energetic medicine as homework. It is up to you to practice to see the full effects. The effect exponentially increases the more you press in. 

What happens as a result? What can I expect? 

My clients experience a deep sense of presence and peace that they carry with them into their every day life. The perceived importance of the issues in your life seem to shift as you breathe deeply into your current now with the joy and curiosity of future unravellings at your fingertips.

When you work with me your consciousness will start to wake up with a new understanding of your power and how your cellular intelligence is shaping your reality. You will gain a clarity of direction and purpose. This shift in perception and experience allows for new solutions to show up, a deepening of manifestation.

Over time, doing this work will increase your ability to trust yourself and decipher the subtleties of your intuition. Your ability to forgive and move on grows. Many of my clients open to their own clairvoyance and ability to see and feel this multi-sensory world.  Longterm work also creates shifts in hormonal and sleeping patterns and decreases physical pain.

It must also be said that with any type of energy work things can be stirred up. As you start to weed through the root of problems,  they can resurface in your life as they are being transformed. Gentleness and self-awareness are required. I am here to hold you on your journey of self discovery and evolution. Can't wait to work with you.


How many sessions do I need?

You will notice a big difference within four sessions. This is the time people usually need in order to understand the underlying energetic paradigm and establish a new ground.

How much are they?

My sessions are typically 75 minutes long and $150 per hour. If you cannot afford this and feel deeply drawn to my work, get in touch to explore how to make this work. 

I want a session. How do I book it?

"One of my favorite parts of my life is watching people's eyes start to shine more"