Organizational Energy Work

It is time to demystify energy work. Why? Because it is needed. It is an intangible approach to affecting tangible results that are perceived by employees and customers alike. 

In a healthy business everything has a purpose and goal and a method of efficient application. The communication flows, training systems are intact, there is goal congruency, and it is clear who does what at which time.

Whether or not the energy within an organization is aligned is reflected in its outputs; the organizational culture, financial success of an organization, workplace motivation, employee retention and customer satisfaction.

My work with organizations typically consists of a remote piece that serves to understand the status quo and suggest energetic alignments as well as an intervention phase that is more directed towards learning, training and the introduction of functional new structures.

I travel internationally to provide hands-on training, healing and support and energetically monitor the work of my trained associates.

What kind of organizations is this type of work for?

I work with any type of organization that is committed to driving change towards holistic sustainability and structures that work for all.

In my experience this requires a leader who is firmly grounded in his/her desire for change and willing to do the personal inner work, letting the energetic alignment waterfall through the organization, its people, communication structures, operational setup and external presence.



"I never before could experience such profound healing as with Elizabeth. The way she feels and understands a human soul and her ability to transform is stunning. I am deeply grateful!"

— Anne Biging, CEO Healing Hotels of the World

When you start feeling it, you can't help but believe it, because it's there. It is yourself and of course you have to believe in yourself because you exist." 

— Sian Hansen, Executive Director Legatum Institute

“Coco happens to be one of those rare people who is fluent in both energy work and business development. This is where healing meets business and structures shift because they are demanding it from the inside.”

- Anaïs Bock, Organizational Behaviorist & Entrepreneur


It's time to change the way we do business.

How committed are you to making your dreams a reality?