Explaining the Unexplainable

When explaining contemporary shamanism, Coco smiled and said "I'm not a normal shaman". Since most people are unaware of what a normal shaman is or does and have difficulties reconciling their vague tribal image of shamanism with the vibrant, current and very real Coco, we decided for someone else to write this page. So here is a loving, anonymous third person, building a bridge between Coco's work and the physical world most of us live in. 

In essence, what Coco does is energy work. She sees the structural energetic makeup of things and can tell when something is stuck. Most problems in our bodies, personal lives, relationships and large organizations and organisms can be traced back to one simple subconscious theme that needs to be uncurled. 

Coco accurately interprets the working of her clients' subconscious through clear seeing and feeling. That part has to be experienced, not explained. 

What can be explained is why it works. Perception commands our form. What you think and believe and feel and say affects what is. But the solution to something being stuck in your form (from empty bank accounts to difficult professional or personal relationships) is not as simple as saying positive affirmations to change your realtiy. Why? Because any unresolved pain stemming from your own life, your family's story, the larger culture and humanity as a collective is acting as a hidden magnet within you, arranging your entire reality.


How does a session with Coco work?

Coco goes in and simply listens to her clients talk about the problems in their lives and feels out the areas that are stuck or vacant or suffering. These are the areas ripe with potential. She helps transform them with one of her many sense-based awareness practices that shift consciousness. She leans on the intelligence of the elements to do so. Picture cooling down a heating conversation with a soft waterfall or grounding a lofty sense of confusion with your feet in rich mud. 

When you have a session with Coco, often at a distance and simply audio, she will tap into your energy. The elements talk might feel abstract at first but they become very real when Coco uses them to help you rebuild the concrete systems of your heart, mind and physical livelihood. 

“Coco uses every sense, every moment, to explain to you how the universe and you are connected.” Sian Hansen, Executive Director Legatum Institute

Coco offers a modern interpretation of an ancient form of healing that is practiced everywhere in the world.

Her way is current, actionable and fun. At this point Coco wants you to know that she bows in deep reverence to all of the healers and dreamers throughout time and offers her gift in service to transforming this world from duality to unity consciousness.

Coco works with individuals and organizations, transforming energetic things that are stuck and turning them into things that work.

What this requires from her clients side... 

...is the curiosity to have a session and the willingness to show up in the world, committed to change.

Coco is a constant student of her many healing modalities, and infuses all of the learning and wisdom gained from lived-experience into her treatments.  Nicolas McCay, Lawyer and Social Activist


"I’ve been playing deep in the heart of transformational work with Coco for almost a decade now.  She is a fluid artist with deep access to herself and the world.  She is tender and playful and vulnerable and fresh. I never know what to expect when we work together, yet every time she allows me to go into my depth and find the magic and the joy and the art amidst it all. It’s stunning."

Katie Fitzgerald International Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer

What working with Coco feels like...