• Content creation - from concept to delivery

  • Feature presenter and model

  • In-house videographer

  • Aesthetic design – set design, wardrobe, overall ambient feel

  • Primary public face of the academy

This site has all sorts of information about Coco (as we’re on her site;)… Click here or here, or really anywhere here to find out more about her ;) In the mean time, she’d like to take up this space to advocate her team.

“Rebecca is brilliant! She continually surprises me with the breadth of her expertise, wisdom, dedication and efficiency. I count myself blessed to not only work side by side with her, but to have her as a friend. She helped bring this project from a non-formalized dream to reality within 30 hours of work, continually leaving me in awe and gratitude. Im thrilled that’s she’s on board.”

“Abi has been one of my most dedicated students for years. Her sensitivity, compassion and kindness, coupled with her radiance and effortless beauty make her perfect for her role in our project. I couldn’t dream of a better apprentice! She is truly gifted and it’s all just beginning.”


rebecca day: operational ninja & second in command

  • Curriculum design and writing support

  • Strategic planning 

  • Financial management

  • Operational manager

Rebecca works with leaders around the world, from multi-billion-pound projects to start up NGOs all with a similar mission; to create and integrate positive change in all of the communities they impact. She works with leaders to support them in delivering unprecedented results while building powerful teams with sustainable futures. Her experience spans industries and continents.

Rebecca has a background in leadership development, project delivery and supporting people in realizing their dreams. She has a BA(Hons) Business Studies and a MSc International Development, as well as over 10 years’ experience in consulting, leadership development, facilitation, and program design. Rebecca brings her expertise to this project out of her deep personal commitment to the work and the impact she knows is possible; a shift in our collective consciousness.

“I have known and worked with Coco for over 4 years and the impact of her work is truly phenomenal! It has changed my life and I am both honored and excited to be a part of the team to bring this work to the world”


ABI RENNER: model student & general cutie

  • Coco’s apprentice

  • First student of this curriculum

  • Embodied model

Abi Renner grew up in eastern Washington on the Spokane River. She has always been a leader within her peer group, her friends lean into her for ongoing advise and support. Despite being a straight A student, disenchanted with the traditional education system, she chose to follow a promising career in modeling upon high school graduation.

Her modeling quickly took off, she’s been working and living in NYC, Milan, Tokyo and Los Angeles for the past two years. Abi has been studying energy work and esoteric embodiment with Elizabeth Cocoann for over 4 years and recently embarked in a 500 hour apprenticeship program with her. She is committed to using her developing modeling career as a platform in service to the evolution of humanity. 

“I love Coco because she’s probably the kindest, smartest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met. She makes work and life feel like the easiest thing ever, while going in deep. I want to work on this project because it’s an incredible cause which has the potential to completely shift humanity. And that’s been my life’s passion since i was about 12;) i want to make a difference and Coco has been studying and learning and teaching for her entire life. What better project than this? Who better to lead it? I’m so excited and hopeful. My life feels like it finally has a purpose and a platform to follow my dreams. Coco is brilliant and can see the resolution to any “problem” presented while making it so hilariously fun that we feel like we need to be on a TV show ;). I have a strong passion and love for her and this project and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”