What is Our Waking Dream?

Our Waking Dream is a free online academy created to support humanity in the embodied evolution of consciousness. This open access training is a reliable system of transformation for anyone in need, bringing multi-disciplinary healing techniques and esoteric wisdom into one engaging curriculum, invoking thought and imagination while helping people heal. Ninety-minute video modules guide participants through a personal development immersion. Each of the eight modules combines conceptual information with experiential practices that naturally connect to all of the student’s senses. This program is playful, solid and deep, facilitating change at the personal and collective level.


Why This? Why now?


Considering the complexity and gravity of our current global problems, we need immediate actions and we need them now. Solution lies within the authentic empowerment of all people. Humanity is a traumatized species. Many lack the concrete skills to create the required change to heal themselves and our planet. Knowledge is widely available but nowhere is it pieced together in a free comprehensive program, accessible to everyone. You can YouTube a class on meditation or pay for a personal development course, but we need a free and comprehensive body of knowledge to help shift perspectives and entrenched patterns of behavior from fear to empowerment, healing, hope and change.

The answer lies within the perceivably unsolvable, in the potential quantum leaps of human consciousness.

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 We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

How: We need your help


With this program we are offering everyone the opportunity to delve into central themes critical to self-healing and empowerment: How is your life purpose linked to your heart’s desires? Are you addressing the core problems in life that you care about? In what ways are you inspired to utilize your power and resources in service to humanity? What if your resources supported a clear, accessible methodology to help yourself and others heal and cultivate sustainable change?

This project draws on a collaboration of resources and people with a similar heart’s intention; the preservation of all species on earth. I’m gifting Our Waking Dream to the world, but am in need of fiscal support to realize the creation and implementation of this project. The academy and its complete curriculum will always be offered open-access to everyone. We are aligning with the team and resources necessary to bring this to millions of people around the world.

What we need: Fiscal support for the entire of the project. There are three ways we envision collaboration:

  1. Invest the full amount to bring Our Waking Dream to the world. Click here for an overview of the budget.

  2. Fund Phase 1 of the project to enable the core team to create and design the full academy curriculum, ready to start filming in Phase 2.

  3. Contribute whatever resources you can of time, money, energy or technical skills. We need a full team of experts to realize this dream and that will include sharing the academy far and wide once we are ready to launch globally.

If you are interested in collaborating, please click here to contact us or email us at hi@elizabethcocoann.com For an outline of our plan, click here.

who am I and what is needed - why me?

My entire life’s work has prepared me for this offering. It’s almost as if I saw my future’s path, as I chose my undergraduate degree in “Education as a Healing Art”. In my 20’s I had the fortunate experience of studying over 4,000 hours of cross cultural and interdisciplinary healing modalities. I have been creating businesses, schools and learning programs for over two decades while experiencing a deeply transformative life. Everything I offer is founded in solid education as well as years of successful outcomes with students and clients.

Our Waking Dream is my life’s mission. I clearly see how my privilege of experience and education is meant to be offered freely to those who need it. My work comes at a high price point that not everyone can afford.

It’s of utmost importance to me to gift the world everything I can. I truly believe that this collection of teachings from wisdom spanning continents and centuries, condensed into one offering, will help millions of people heal their inner trauma and create a collective shift in human consciousness. Click here for link to full bio

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Coco is hands-down one of the most brilliant and gifted people I have ever worked with. In a flash, she sees the possibility inherent in each person and in each moment. Then she co-creates the new pathway to an inner and outer world that is whole and new and right.
— Mark Nicolson CEO, Coach and Founder of Nicolson Group