I’ve been playing deep in the heart of transformational work with miss Elizabeth Cocann for almost a decade now.   Coco is a fluid artist with deep access to herself and the world.  She is tender and playful and vulnerable and fresh.  I never know what to expect when we work together, yet every time she allows me to go into my depth and find the magic and the joy and the art amidst it all.  It’s stunning.
— Katie Fitzgerald, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Healer

Coco is a gifted and intuitive Shaman and energy healer that embodies a joy for life and a passion for her work.”

"My journey with Coco has been an amazing transformation of personal growth and spiritual healing. Coco is a gifted and intuitive Shaman and energy healer that embodies a joy for life and a passion for her work. The retreat with Coco was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

She lead our group through guided meditations, enrichment ceremonies, energy healing, journaling, and one-on-one energy work sessions. The women attending the retreat ranged from 17 to 48 years old, each of us with our own unique life experiences and personal journeys. Coco exudes a joy for life and is a kind, compassionate, and loving person. She creates life-changing experiences."

— Jamie Tabino, Artist & Mother

Coco uses every sense, every moment, to explain to you how the universe and you are connected.

"She has so many tools she can use to help you because everyone is different. She might use a rattle or a stone, she might use her breath or a movement, she might put her hands on you and you'll almost disappear. She'll just smile at you. There's no question about her strength.  So the moment you meet her, you'll know how strong she is.  You know that when she says 'give it to me, I can handle it' you know she can. Coco guides you to the starting point, the earth within yourself and helps you stay there, in the moment, until you start to feel it. 

When you start feeling it, you can't help but believe it, because it's there. It is yourself and of course you have to believe in yourself because you exist." 

— Sian Hansen, Executive Director Legatum Institute

"I never before could experience such profound healing as with Elizabeth. The way she feels and understands a human soul and her ability to transform is stunning. I am deeply grateful!"

— Anne Biging, CEO Healing Hotels of the World


Do you remember being a kid and having a good friend whose smile just made you giggle with the anticipation of whimsical adventures and mischievous delight to come?

"That’s what working with Coco feels like. Except that her work also goes deep (read deep with a deep voice) down into your roots and tickles the shadows that are shackling you, bringing a warm, rich light into your hidden spaces and welcoming all of you in.

Coco also happens to be one of those rare people who is fluent in both energy work and business development. She has the capacity, guts and dedication to work at a systemic level with organizations that are ready to move beyond the holistic buzzword to a place of true together power. This is where healing meets business and structures shift because they are demanding it from the inside.

As a hospitality professional, organizational behaviorist and fellow dancer on the show of business that feels good, I can only say this: you are lucky if this woman puts herself behind you. And: things are about to change... to a place of purposeful ease and grateful joy."

— Anaïs Bock, Trainer for business that feels good

My three favourite qualities about Coco are her exceptional listening skills, her sense of humour, and her deep compassion for the experiences of others.

"In sessions with Coco I always feel deeply listened to, and deeply heard. She hones in on the key issues and points of potential transformation.’

She is excellent at identifying the broad patterns of my thoughts and way of being, and connecting them to my daily experiences and challenges in ways that are illuminating and open up paths for shifts and healing.  Coco never fails, while supporting me through challenging life transitions, to infuse just the right amount of humour and levity to the treatment.

Immediately apparent upon interacting with Coco is the fact that she has an incredible amount of compassion for others and for the world. I always feel generously held in my experiences by Coco. Her ability to identify the root of peoples’ motivations and insightfully frame them has broadened the lens through which I see the world and assisted me in deepening my own practices of compassion – practices that have led to profound healing and transformation.

Coco is a constant student of her many healing modalities, and infuses all of the learning and wisdom gained from lived-experience into her treatments.

— Nicolas McCay, Law Student 

I don’t even have to talk to her sometimes.  I can feel her strength and support at any given time as the perception of interconnectedness is so tangible with her.  Coco helps me ground and connect with my essence.  She guides me into my place of power within that and creates tools to help me with my professional and spiritual growth.
— Natalie Gulsrud, PhD. Professor and Researcher
Elizabeth Coco Ann gratitude

Coco has helped me clear emotional trauma, cumulative ancestral issues, and every-day practical challenges in career, finances or relationships.

"I appreciate several things about working with Beth: her non-judgment, which has always made me feel whole rather than flawed; her playful and curious attitude toward energetic problem-solving; and her encouragement toward healing through creativity.

Cocoann is able to re-frame dilemmas in such a way that entirely new worlds of opportunity are revealed through simple shifts in attention and quick daily meditations of the body and mind.

Her shamanic insights are spot-on and she has provided many tools that I have incorporated into my daily life."

Raena Demaris, Archeologist

It is hard to put into words the influence that Coco has had on my life.  She has become my mentor, coach, and friend; someone invaluable to my heart and soul.  She has a unique and innate ability to see though the ‘noise’ and get to your heart’s desire, your truest and most high purpose/path/trajectory.

It is magical.  I adore her compassion, spirit, and loving nature!
— Lesa Renner, Counselor