In this curriculum, Coco guides participants through a systems-based approach of transformative education saturated in beauty, depth and empowerment. Both esoteric and practical, this convergence of learning modalities masterfully combines disciplines, connecting the dots to support the whole person in deep inner work. This comprehensive video tutorial guides students through an embodied shift of consciousness, providing hands on and hilariously fun tools to melt fear, transform outdated perception, tap into happiness and authentically empower people to create change in their lives and the world at large. 

Module Introduction: The overall curriculum begins with an introductory video, 30 minutes in length. This includes a deeper introduction from Elizabeth Cocoann and an outline of the structure of the curriculum. Coco explains the history of her teachings, sharing their point of origin and creating the context to set up the students to begin Our Waking Dream. From here on out each module is 90 minutes long, including a combination of conceptual learning and experiential practices.



1. The Dream and the Dreamer

Learning: Understanding and applying the power of perception, and how you can create change by shifting how you look at a current situation... a shift in perception itself changes the outcome. The module looks at the law of attraction: what we’re thinking about and what we’re feeling has the power to create what we’re manifesting. Using this moment as a gauge, we can determine what we create in the future.


  • Empowerment to create change in your life

  • Instilled optimism about your life, your family and the world at large

  • Investing your energy in global solutions, rather than global problems

  • Shifting from isolation to interconnectedness


  • Awareness: Stop, breath and name your perception

  • Healing arts: Somatic release of worry, through breath and visualization

  • Journaling: Name a world of your dreams

  • Working with the elements: Release your worries into a stone 

2. Potential in the Pain

  • Learning: Trauma is any pain that comes from a different time and place which is stored in our bodies, at a subconscious level, affecting our ability to feel peace, joy and positivity. When we lovingly sink into the themes of suffering within ourselves, we unleash the energy carried within that trauma, and are able to access a new understanding, wisdom and compassion at an individual, familial and collective level.

  • Results:

    • Physical and emotional relief of pain

    • Increased capacity for compassion and understanding

    • More ease in interpersonal relationships

    • More energy to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want

  • Practices:

    • Awareness: Identifying emotional themes in triggers

    • Hands on healing: Cuddle thyself and other subtle bodywork techniques

    • Creative movement: Clearing pain through hippie dancing

    • Meditation: Understand anger, let it melt into sadness then release

    • Energy work: Pulling the energy of suffering out of your body with your hands


This module will have quite a few more practices than the rest as we are a very fear-based species and need a lot of support in healing.


“I’ve been playing deep in the heart of transformational work with Coco for a decade now. She is a fluid artist with deep access to herself and the world. She is tender and playful and vulnerable and fresh. I never know what to expect when we work together, yet every time she allows me to go into my depth and find the magic and joy amidst it all. It’s stunning”

Katie Fitzgerald, International Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer

3. Direction in the Dark

  • Learning: Through a psychological lens, we can begin to identify our shadow when we respond with either extreme love or distaste to aspects of other people. The “shadow” is our response. This can be very useful information in uncovering themes within each of us that are ready to be lovingly healed. Through healing transformation, our shadows become directive clues to identify and clarify our dreams.

  • Results:

    • Way less projecting your pain onto others

    • Ongoing access to identify your main themes of suffering

    • A road map through your pain to your brilliance

    • Gaining an easy way to start identifying your true desires

  • Practices:

    • Social media: Using social media as a tool to determine your shadow

    • Journaling: Name and claim your shadow

    • Awareness: Identify and move your themes of pain and projecting

    • Creative movement: Archetypes transformed through dance

    • Hands on healing: Find and transform the somatic root of your shadow

4. Stop the News

  • Learning: Our input from media is constantly shaping our perspective and has an ongoing potential to trigger our pain and shadow. Monitoring our screen time grants us lucidity and choice within our transformative journey. When we stop the external input, it gives us pause to hear our inner wisdom and delve more deeply into our quiet personal space.

  • Results:

    • More awareness around social media and its impact

    • More time for introspection and self-development

    • Increased discernment of what we’re filling ourselves with

    • More availability to authentic interpersonal relationships

    • Increased authentic self-worth

  • Practices:

    • Awareness: When you want to go out, go in

    • Journaling: Take note; what are you watching

    • Social media: Embodied shadow exploration through media

    • Meditation: Slow down to take it in


"My journey with Coco has been an amazing transformation of personal growth and spiritual healing. Coco is a gifted and intuitive Shaman and energy healer that embodies a joy for life and a passion for her work. The retreat with Coco was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She exudes a joy for life and is a kind, compassionate, and loving person. She creates life-changing experiences."

Jamie Tabino, Artist & Mother


“Coco uses every sense, every moment, to explain to you how the universe and you are connected. She has so many tools she can use to help you because everyone is different. Coco guides you to the starting point, the earth within yourself and helps you stay there, in the moment, until you start to feel it. When you start feeling it, you can't help but believe it, because it's there. It is yourself and of course you have to believe in yourself because you exist." 

— Sian Hansen, Executive Director Legatum Institute

5. Keep Ya Clear

  • Learning: With so much going on internally and externally, it’s critical to have tools to clear yourself out. This allows more access to a place of peaceful center and increased presence. From here, we explore concepts of autonomy, interconnectedness and boundaries.

  • Results:

    • A heightened sense of peace and clarity

    • Deeper connection to your inner knowing

    • Greater availability to define and implement personal boundaries

    • Less internal chatter

  • Practices:

    • Energy work: Energetic clearing with crystals

    • Creative movement: Shake your shit free – example video;)

    • Meditation: Darkness into light

    • Performance art: Press in – a lesson on boundaries

    • Working with the elements: Float and release: clearing through water

6. Sometimes Slow is the Fastest Way There

  • Learning: We’re trained in quick fix solutions and expect instant gratification, as quick as pushing a button or taking a pill. An embodied shift in consciousness takes dedicated practice. It takes time to decelerate in order to assimilate knowledge. When we slow down, we are able to fully digest our transformation to gain access to quantum leaps of change.

  • Results:

    • Increased impact of internal work

    • Reframing how you evidence change in your life

    • Enhanced ability to listen to the subtle impulses of action and non-action

    • Redefining the value of patience

  • Practices:

    • Awareness: Reframed patience: just hanging out

    • Journaling: What’s the hurry

    • Healing Art: Intuitive water color

    • Creative movement: Make a shape and hold it

    • Meditation: Envision the power of recalibration


“Do you remember being a kid and having a good friend whose smile just made you giggle with the anticipation of whimsical adventures and mischievous delight to come? That’s what working with Coco feels like. Except that her work also goes deep down into your roots and tickles the shadows that are shackling you, bringing a warm, rich light into your hidden spaces and welcoming all of you in.”

Anaïs Teresa Bock, founder of Let’s Work Magic, coach, consultant and speaker


“I don’t even have to talk to her sometimes.  I can feel her strength and support at any given time as the perception of interconnectedness is so tangible with her.  Coco helps me ground and connect with my essence.  She guides me into my place of power within that and creates tools to help me with my professional and spiritual growth.”

Natalie Gulsrud, PhD. Professor and Researcher

7. Know, Name, and Claim Your Brilliance

  • Learning: Gone are the days of false humility and not knowing our excellence. Every single human is a necessary part of the solution. Now is the time to inhabit our potential. This takes a fundamental retraining in identifying and nurturing your inherent gifts and advocating that in others. When we are able to see and nurture our unique brilliance, our societal impact multiplies. It takes a village!

  • Results:

    • Know your self worth

    • Discover and name your individual contribution

    • Reframing your life’s journey to be in service to yourself and the world

    • Create community through mutual advocacy

  • Practices:

    • Social media: Peer advocacy through social media

    • Creative movement: Performing art as healing art

    • Journaling: A journey through the past to discover the diamonds in the rough

    • Meditation: What if your wildest dreams came true?

    • Performing arts: Melt insecurities through song

8. Only Love Remains

  • Learning: Love makes the world go round. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love another. Self-love takes fundamental rewiring and long-term practice. In order to truly love, we must choose to let go of the grudges we have towards ourselves and each other. At this global tipping point, integrated love and forgiveness is essential at a personal, familial, cultural and collective level.

  • Results:

    • Self-love and acceptance

    • Increased empathy and compassion

    • A new paradigm of conflict resolution

    • Healing within local and global communities

  • Practices:

    • Journaling: Love letters to self and others

    • Creative movement: Contact improv

    • Awareness: Lessons on forgiveness

    • Performance art: Impromptu public compliments

    • Social media: A platform for noticing and naming what you love


“My three favorite qualities about Coco are her exceptional listening skills, her sense of humor, and her deep compassion for the experiences of others. Coco is a constant student of her many healing modalities, and infuses all of the learning and wisdom gained from lived-experience into her treatments.”

— Nicolas McCay, Lawyer and Social Activist

“I love Coco because she’s probably the kindest, smartest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met. She makes work and life feel like the easiest thing ever, while going in deep. I want to work on this project because it’s an incredible cause which has the potential to completely shift humanity. And that’s been my life’s passion since i was about 12;) i want to make a difference and Coco has been studying and learning and teaching for her entire life. What better project than this? Who better to lead it? I’m so excited and hopeful. My life feels like it finally has a purpose and a platform to follow my dreams. Coco is brilliant and can see the resolution to any “problem” presented while making it so hilariously fun that we feel like we need to be on a TV show ;). I have a strong passion for this project and can’t wait to be a part of it” Abi Renner, Long Time Student of Coco