The Plan

  • Phase 1: Align with resources, write and design the expanded curriculum and be prepared to start filming

  • Phase 2: Film the intro and modules, edit the content, develop the platform, design the market and delivery strategy

  • Phase 3: Launch Our Waking Dream and promote to the world


Phase 1: Three Months - Plan and DesigN

  • Align with resources: fiscal investment & collaborators 

  • Mastermind and design the trailer

  • Write the curriculum, ready for video. Design each module in depth, including content, practices as well as where what and how for filming

  • Recruit volunteers to demonstrate practices on film, representing diverse ethnicities and ages ranges

  • Strategically and logistically plan the role out of the filming 

  • Find and finalize film locations; all logistics ready to go

  • Gather the team: Videographers, photographer, editors, platform developers, graphic designer, Supplementals as needed

Phase 2: Three Months - Create and Deliver

Film, edit, develop platform 

  • Film the intro and the modules, edit all material, develop the platform

  • Preparation for Phase 3: marketing and promotion, working with supporters to begin to share the content and set up for the promotion of phase 3

  • Generate and establish corporate, NGO and individual advocacy



Phase 3: Six Months – Share with the world

  • Work with marketing team and strategic developer to broadcast Our Waking Dream to the world

  • Collaborate with NGOs, organizations, individuals, to share the academy

  • Interview Coco and the team on as many platforms as possible 

Long term plan for SUSTAINABILITY

Our intention for the academy is impactful longevity. Once writing and filming season 1 of Our Waking Dream is complete, we will be savvy with our delivery strategy. Through the combination of platform development and a global marketing campaign, we will be partnering with companies, NGO’s and celebrities through advocacy and endorsement designed to expand our impact. Once we launch Our Waking Dream, one fundamental step will be to have the entire curriculum translated into as may languages as possible. After the first season consisting of eight modules is successfully delivered, we plan on collaborating with more resources to write and deliver future seasons. Part of our long-term strategy is to establish Our Waking Dream as a not-for-profit academy so that season 1 and future seasons are for the benefit of all humanity and not for one individual.