I never before could experience such profound healing as with Elizabeth.
The way she feels and understands a human soul and her ability to transform is stunning. I am deeply grateful!
— Anne Biging, CEO Healing Hotels of the World

How My Work Works

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How many times have you heard of a contemporary shaman and corporate alchemist? Exactly, not exactly your every-day tennis trainer (tennis trainers rock). Which is why I have some explaining to do.

For Individuals

Healing always begins on the inside, with YOU and your desire to shift something, gain a deeper understanding of who you are or what to do with this mysterious journey called life.

For Organizations

The most meaningful work we can do is at a structural, collective level. The way we work and relate to one another, the way we connect our business with the underlying dream... It changes everything.


“Coco happens to be one of those rare people who is fluent in both energy work and business development. This is where healing meets business and structures shift because they are demanding it from the inside.”